Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Bhopal Legacy:

Chandigarh - 24 June 2010
I am just perplexed with the recent outburst of the media and other from all corners of India shouting for the extradition of Warren Anderson, It was well known fact at the that time that Warren Anderson has been given a go bye by the rules of that time.

Similar go-bye was also given to the Ottavio Quattrocchi, and Win Chadha. It was an open day light onslaught on the Indian Legal system by the law makers themselves. Indian Express fought a lone battle to expose all those involved. But the people at the helm, made every effort disparage. The rulers of the day made the case so weak that our premium investigating agency had an uncomfortable time.

It is like Pakistan Rulers, who are making the case against the Hafiz Sayed look so mock that courts after courts are giving him a go-bye. Isn’t India did (and still doing) a Pakistan in case of Warren Anderson? Indian Rulers just buying time off the issue. Everyone knows that Anderson will not be extradited to India. Hadley is one live substantiation.

Press is making an unnecessary hue and cry after 25 years on the judgment of the Bhopal court. It was a fact the Anderson is not in India’s possession even before the judgment. Why the matter of his extradition was not taken up for 25 years by the press, all & sundries? Why it only after the judgment? His extradition was mattered before the judgment and not after. Moreover, what the Anderson’s repatriation will bring - a two years punishment, et all, if that be.

What about the poor victims, nobody is worried about them. They suffered. They are suffering, and they will continue to suffer. Everybody came, comes, will come, give sermons and go. The Voice of some dedicated people, who are fighting for gas victims, has been buried in the din created by the press and the politicians. There are others who are feasting on the victims’ compensation money.

But in the din of the Anderson’s extradition, the real issue of rehabilitation of the victim has lost. The – people, the environment, the land, the water sources – all are contaminated and more people are becoming the casualty of the gas tragedy even now. What the Government and the press and the so called the fame hungry social activists did for the last 25 years?

The value of life is like a fig leaf in this country. Only a few haves have the right to live in India. Rest all are insects.

Why this hue and cry Now. Tell me!! Why??

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