Friday, November 16, 2012

A few days back I received an e-mail from Brigadier D.S. Grewal the content of which are prepoduced below:

The condition of fitness of the firemen in active Fire-Service is appalling.

The other day I received an email from Brigadier DS Grewal, the contents of which are reproduced below.

"Dear Mr Bhanot,
Greetings of the day.
You may recall, about two months back, I had forwarded you my correspondence with regards to my RTI Application on Fire Fighting Arrangements by the Fire Department, under the aegis of Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh. In their response to one of my queries on the fitness of the fire brigade Personnel, they had stated that everyone is fit as a fiddle though they have never organised any periodic medical or any training for these personnel.
I have received a letter from some Baljinder Singh at Chandigarh pointing out things to the contrary. As I am at Dubai presently, my wife scanned the letter and forwarded to me. I am forwarding the same to you for what ever it is worth. Not only I but all the citizens of the TRI-CITY will be eternally grateful to you if appropriate action is taken by you.
Fond Regards,
Brigadier DS Grewal
971 529101033"

The attachment to the email can be seen by clicking here:

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