Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 Decenber 2012

Dear Ms. Namita Bhandare,

Namaskaram & I won't wish any other greetings
while the nation is mourning. 


While I appreciate your efforts to sensitize the people at the helm towards the need to restoring the dignity and honour of the Women in India, and I have signed it just honoring your request. 

But I consider that this effort is futile, as there is no material in your petition. This is just another outburst in wake of the recent incident. hundreds of such petitions are taking round and everybody is trying to just pay his "Ahuti" (to be counted that you were also there in the mass-movement) No, you are not there, you are just the gathering that makes ”a movement” just the “crowd”) in the mass movement started by the youth of the Delhi and the country. 

As you wrote in your petition, "The National Crime Records Bureau records 572 rapes reported from Delhi for the year 2011. This year 635 rapes had already been reported as of December 15, 2012, Rape is not a problem that afflicts Delhi alone. In recent months, we have seen a rising crime graph against women being reported from virtually every corner of the country including Haryana, Kerala and Bangalore."  This clearly shows that even was not sensitized till the common people came to the roads. Why the not jumped to its feet at the report of first rape?

I do not claim that I am not a person who is in slumber and also insensitive to wards happening in our society. But I am making small efforts in my own earnest way to educate the individual members of the society of their rights and to help them in their individual fight against the system. I do not want to hog to limelight by arousing public sentiments. 

The Verma Commission you are going to visit tomorrow, what material you have to submit? Only the emotions!!. I feel you will waste the time of Verma Commission as well as yours.  The Verma Commission is a fact finding commission and has a mandate to suggest the government some strong measures to deal with such situations and to suggest amendments to the law and procedures. 

I do not know what your credentials are? And what you want to do afterwards. 

The best you can do is to meet the MPs and MLAs and stir their conscious. Do you know 260 MPs, from all political parties, in parliament are implicated in cases involving crime against women including rape charges? Go to them and ask them to resign. Go to their leadership and ask them to remove them from the party. 

Ask the Political Parties to give more representation to Women in governance, in polity and in the forums that are there in domination of men’s chauvinism. 

Ask the Government to give the teeth to the Women Commissions so that they may supervise and direct the investigation and prosecution agencies in the right directing and effectively participate in speedy as well as just justice to the victims. 

While I offer my apology for writing to you like this, and I do not even know if you will ever get to see this communication (as you do not have any return email address or a mailing address), I hope that I am able to convey you what I meant, in case you get this. Thanks. 

Thanking you

Very cordially yours,

Surendera M. Bhanot

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